Quality precision products, affordable prices and great customer service... these are the foundation blocks of Snap BMX Products.  The co-founders of Snap BMX Products met in an unusual manner.  Greg Woolworth, a machinist of 48 years and the owner of a commercial machine shop, was making components for another bike company and needed some technical information.  This need took him to the local bike shop, Anderson's Mower and Bike Shop.  Jon Anderson, co-owner of the bike shop and BMXer of 30 years, was very helpful and provided all the info Greg needed.  Jon also had his own bike shop team and was interested in having some custom gears made for his riders.  Two weeks after the gears were delivered, Jon contacted Greg to request more gears.  This time, they were for riders that saw the gears at a local track and were asking for them.  As a result, Snap BMX Products was born and the philosophy that Snap was built on is still our top priority today.

All of our products are designed and made right here in our own modern CNC facility, with the exception of anodizing.  This allows us to have total control of all aspects of the manufacturing process.  Each product is continuously checked during the process, to ensure quality, and we do a final inspection before packing to assure that you get the quality products you deserve.  We know this isn't rocket science but if we do our job right, then all you have to do is your job... ride!!

We have added many new products over the years, made some great new friends, sponsored some world class riders and teams and even made chain rings used in the Olympics - Maris Strombergs (Latvia) - Men's Gold Medal, Mike Day (USA) – Men’s Silver Medal, Jill Kintner (USA) - Women's Bronze medal).  The one thing we have learned during this journey is, no matter how good your products are, if you don't have great customers that believe in your products, you might as well pack it in.  Thank you to all the believers out there who made Snap what it is today.